The Bruna Story

area deportiva

Area Deportiva – ©Raul Amaru Linares

The sun from Havanna reflects the destroyed sky blue of the wall in the sports area “El Cristo” and the different shoes of our protagonist. Another character, tired, is in the shadow while is listening a long story. Another one, already lost, walks crestfallen. At the same time a young man waits attentively something from some place which is not suitable to the photography.

Some weeks ago I was talking with my friend Bruna. The conversation was, among other things, about the importance of the caption in a photograph like child with skates.

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©Raul Amaru Linares

In this conversation we had a little but interesting idea, based on a book called “Andes” by Pablo Corral Vega and Mario Vargas Llosa. In the book, Pablo Corral takes the photographs and Mario Vargas Llosa writes little stories for each image.

What is most interesting about this book is that the stories come completely from the imagination of the writer (inspired in the images, of course), and in his own knowledge and perception about the people and the photographed place. He doesn’t know anything about the photograph or the real circunstances shown in the scene.

So, this is our little experiment. And the story is courtesy of the Bruna’s imagination.

Original version in Brazilian Portuguese:
O sol de Havana reflete o azul celeste destroçado da parede da área desportiva “El Cristo” e os sapatos diferentes do nosso protagonista. Um coadjuvante cansado busca a sombra enquanto escuta uma longa história. Outro, já perdido, caminha cabisbaixo. Ao mesmo tempo em que um jovem espera atentamente algo de algum lugar que não convém à foto.

Muito obrigado, Bruna :-)